Grassroots at the core.
It's Your Network,
Make It What You Want.

The best part about the Network is that it has always been driven by the ideas, activities, and efforts of its followers – it’s about you and those places that are important to you. RPPN is particularly proud to speak on behalf of the larger social, economic, and cultural construct that brought about the built environment of the recent past. We’re not just about high-style, architect-driven landmarks (although, those are important too) but rather we are actively concerned about the everyday places that define our communities and landscapes. Again, those places that you, I, and we find important to our cultural heritage.

If you’ve never been involved with the Network but are interested, we would love to hear from you. There are several ways to get involved:

You can volunteer with the Network. RPPN’s activities are completely driven by volunteer efforts. As such, we are always looking for interested persons who want to get directly involved with the Network. We welcome volunteers with all interests and skill levels, no matter how often you would like to volunteer. Once a month, once a year, or once a week, let us know! We have plenty of ways to volunteer, from creating modern driving tours, to conducting research, to graphic design, and beyond. Maybe you’ve even thought of something we haven’t.

You can become a State Representative. State Representatives play an important role in the Network. They are the local arm responsible for providing information on local initiatives, preservation efforts, and events; coordinating local advocacy; and membership recruitment and material dispersion. If you are interested in learning more about the State Representative program, please contact us for more information.

You can get involved with the Board. Our volunteer board is comprised of a group of dedicated, knowledgeable individuals that guide the direction and activities of the organization. Our board includes not only those that are active preservationists, but also those that have experience in programming, marketing, public relations, and other vital areas. Each year we welcome new board members as part of our efforts to engage new people and instill new ideas. If you are passionate about the recent past and would like to contribute to the future direction of the Network, we welcome you to submit your information to us.

You can offer a donation. As an incorporated not-for-profit organization that doesn’t require membership fees, the Network’s activities are directly associated with donated funds and services. Donations directly affect the daily operations of the organization by funding website development and upkeep, publication development, and other programming. In addition, the Network is always seeking new funding that will help strengthen its advocacy and preservation efforts. All donations are, of course, tax-deductible.

You can become an institutional or corporate sponsor. As an institutional or corporate sponsor, you can supply much-needed support for ongoing activities or you can choose to sponsor a particular activity, such as our scholarship fund. You will receive special recognition on the website, with your organization’s logo, contact information, and services appearing on our Sponsors & Affiliates page, as well as on state-specific pages for the state in which your organization is located. You will also be recognized in each of our quarterly magazines, distributed throughout the country.

You play a direct role in the national recent past preservation movement.
When you get involved, you become an important part of the national effort to educate, advocate, and promote the preservation of our recent heritage. You are at the forefront of the movement.

You get connected to a national network of dedicated and passionate people.
Getting involved connects you to a national network of enthusiasts and professionals who are passionate about the recent past. As the network grows, so does the collective knowledge that is shared among its members.

You help RPPN advance its mission to educate, advocate, and preserve.
It is only through your contributions that we are able to sustain our efforts to help those engaged in preserving our recent heritage, from day-to-date operations to long-term programming.

RPPN is here to help you.
RPPN has always been an organization dedicated to taking an active interest in its members’ efforts and activities. Whether you’re looking to get support for a preservation effort or need research assistance, we’re here!