The Best Places to Meet Sports Fans

Everybody loves to watch a bit of sport from time to time. People are always talking about sports or looking for Premier League Betting Offers to have more fun betting. Some people prefer interacting with other fans while watching sports but some prefer watching in silence. Yet, sports often, if not always promote social interaction so having a blast with a couple of fans isn’t anything unheard of. If you wanted to find sports fans and by some odd miracle didn’t know where to find them, have no fear. Here are the most popular places where you can find sports fans.

Pubs and Bars

This is the most likely place to find sports fans, especially in the United Kingdom. The fact is that sports fans love getting together after a day’s work and watching some of their favorite teams and athletes compete. Nothing like a pint of beer and your friends there, along for the ride. More often than not, this is social interaction, rather than actually cheering for the teams to win, even though you would prefer if your favorite did win.


Sports fans enjoy betting on their teams and athletes. Some bet professionally, meaning that they never bet on their heart’s desire, but rather on the team with the most likely odds of winning. Many sports fans will be at the bookmakers’, watching the multiple games going on on multiple screens. It is one of the best places you can find sports fans. Do be careful, because at a bookmaker’s, you can also find compulsive gamblers and often has very little to do with sports. There is a huge difference between the two.

Online Forums

Nothing like a little friendly discussion which of course, gets heated because everyone likes their own team or athlete, or has to voice their opinion in a very aggressive way. Forums are great places to meet people, especially like minded people, who prefer one thing to another. The first sentence being an exaggeration, you will run into overly heated fans from time to time, something that happens on the internet, and in person, but more likely to happen online.

At a Game

Sports fans obviously visit stadiums and venues because they love watching sports live. This is probably the best place to meet sports fans if you want to see them passionate, unless you are at a specific club’s pub. Not every fan will be in the mood to meet others, especially if their team or athlete is losing. Have that in mind if you were hoping to make a new acquaintance.

Outside Venues

Oftentimes, people cannot get tickets to some of the most popular matches, so they still gather outside a venue and spend their time there. In today’s world where you can stream matches to your mobile phones, that seems like the logical choice if the weather is fair.

Sports fans are everywhere, indeed, yet you are most likely to find them at these locations, in pubs and bars, online forums, at a bookmaker’s, at a venue or outside a venue.