The Most Impressive Sporting Facilities Around the World

We all love sports and as the years go by, the venues and sporting facilities that we see in commercials, during matches and advertised by teams, clubs and corporations which invested in them, get much larger and more interesting. The world of sports has plenty of money circulating around, meaning that an impressive venue can pay for itself in a couple years’ time. We have seen plenty of stadiums through the years, but only some of them have been as impressive as the ones which follow on the list of most impressive sporting facilities around the world.

Madison Square Garden – New York

Madison Square Garden, built in 1968, is one of New York’s many attractions. If you visit this venue, you will remember it. Known for hosting various matches, boxing, basketball and otherwise, it was also home to multiple concerts and musicals as well as theatrical spectacles. MSG is one of the most popular venues in the world and one of the most iconic.

Anfield Stadium – Liverpool

This is a rather iconic stadium which has more culture and history behind it, than many other venues which are more impressive in every way, especially technologically speaking. Built in 1884, it has lots of history, tied to football club Liverpool. Their fans can be heard on the stadium and around it, especially when the home team is playing. Known for their passion, they were pretty adamant in expressing their opinion about the stadium’s potential renovation by owner group Fenway. Fenway knew at that moment that they had to thread very lightly. 

Burj Al Arab Tennis Court – Dubai

This is something to behold. It is a small tennis court, suspended in air, well above 100 meters above ground. Positioned over a 7 star hotel, you can only imagine how much you would have to pay to spend the night there. One of the most prestigious hotels in the world also has one of the most impressive sporting venues, something not many people should be surprised by.

Augusta Golf Course – Georgia (US)

There are golf courses and then there is Augusta Golf Course, in Georgia. Built in 1933, it is amazing and breathtaking. Once you see it, its design, the trees, grass and bridges, ponds and lakes, you will remember it forever. It is one of those things that you simply cannot forget, because all that green is beautiful, in more ways than one.

Pebble Beach Golf Course – Pebble Beach (California)

Another golf course, but unlike the greens of the Augusta Golf Course, this one is by the ocean. Beauty, greens, sun, the deep blues of the ocean and what more could you want for a vacation, or even better, a weekend trip? Pebble Beach is not your everyday tourist location, as it is one of the world’s most famous golf courses.

The Float – Marina Bay (Singapore)

Nothing like playing a game of football in a stadium which is floating on water, right? Wait, what? Yes, in Singapore, you can find the Marina Bay floating platform, a sight to behold. Located in the Marina Reservoir, here since 2007, it is a sight to see and a pleasure to play on. A grass pitch, perfect and green, in the middle of a city as large as they get. It is a nice break from all the skyscrapers.

The world is full of impressive sporting facilities and these have been but some of them.