The Best Places for Learning about Architecture on your own

Some things can be learned by going on the internet and simply looking up a certain topic. With enough time and practice, you can get better at doing them. Yet, other things are much more difficult to master and require a lot of preparation and instructions, from already existing masters of craft. Some things are difficult to master without reviews from already experienced people in that area of study. 

Architecture is interesting, but also something that takes a lot of time to learn. Could you be a self-taught architect? You could, but the journey is perilous and very difficult. Here are some ways you could become a self taught architect.

Lots of Architecture Books

One of the best ways to learn is from books made on the subject. Not the boiled down versions made for people who want to read a light novel. No, actual books made for students of architecture. Architecture is not just drawing a building and doing so precisely. The laws of physics apply here and a knowledge of physics, mathematics, statics, and more, is obligatory. This is why methodical work is necessary and where actual books meant for architecture students are the best place to start.

Online Literature

If the said books are available in digital form, this is also one of the best ways to start. Computer software can help you in working on your designs, because you would be able to skip drawing, at least on paper. On the other hand, this plays a large part in traditional architecture education. When the process is manual, you have more time to pay attention to details, an important part of architecture.

Trial and Error – Recommended with Lots of Caution

Trial and error works for some fields of study, like building a shelf, but designing a building is another thing entirely. A shed is something you could probably design and it would do a good to great job, depending on the prerequisites and the location. But, designing a house would be a lot more challenging, not to mention a warehouse or building. These things take time and patience, not to mention that design flaws could cost millions, not to mention endanger people and animals.

The Problem of Self-Learning and Architecture

It is important to mention that architecture is not easily learned without proper monitoring and reviewing from experts. You are bound to make mistakes during the process and those mistakes can cost you dearly, and other people, to make things worse.

While architecture can be self taught, it is not recommended to attempt this unless you are willing to dedicate all your time and attention to getting things right and doing them properly and even then, you might make costly mistakes.