What You Need to Know About Exercising at Home – Be Fit Without Going Outside

Sitting at home, when the weather is bad, when you are forced to stay indoors due to circumstances beyond your control, there are plenty of things to do. Today’s world provides us with endless ways of entertainment, learning, and ways to spend time. 

When one has to spend their time indoors, they often spend time watching shows, movies, playing video games… Some people like to exercise. Not everyone can exercise and find the discipline needed to do the hard work on their own. For those unfamiliar with at-home exercising, here are some things you should know.

You Don’t Need Anything Other than Perhaps a Square Meter (10 square feet)

Exercising indoors doesn’t require lots of space, just enough for you to fit standing up and lying down with your hands extended, not even all the way extended. With that in mind, it only takes your desire to exercise and barely enough room for you to stand, do crouches, crunches, leg raised, push ups and various pulling exercises which exercise the back muscles. Exercising indoors can be done without any additional equipment but your body.

Two Weights – An Entire Gym

If you purchase two weights, specifically adjustable dumbbells, you have everything you need for a home gym. Depending on your strength, you will have more than enough weight on two dumbbells to perform most upper body exercises. For the legs, with more repetitions in a set, you will still get tired enough that you won’t be able to walk for days. Again, with little to no equipment, you can do a full body exercise and get in that summer beach form or something more permanent, the form you would take for the rest of your life.

Gear Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Exercise

There are countless stories of people purchasing lots of exercise gear, from bicycles, trainers of all kinds, expensive gear which takes up lots of space, but is used as a clothes hanger or dust collector. No matter how much gear you purchase, it will not matter if you end up not using it. Start a training schedule and stick to it, for at least a month. If you find that you are lacking the equipment, then purchase it, but only if your training is taking too long because you are already far too strong for bodyweight exercises (you most likely will not be, except for the legs, hundreds of crouches can get tedious).

Exercise in a Specific Room

Just like taking a walk to work or a drive to work puts you in that working mood, so does going out to a gym or a workout park put you in a working out mood. Going to that specific room, putting on workout music and dedicating a couple of minutes to workout preparation might just put you in that state of mind where you want to feel the burn and are ready to get sweaty and stronger.

Getting in shape does not take as much as one would tend to think. You can do it at home, with little to no equipment but your own body and some space to exercise. It takes discipline and that starts exercise by exercise, day after day.