Watching Sports with Your Family – How to Avoid Arguments

Sports are interesting and they often bring lots of people together. Watching a match with our buddies after work in a pub or bar is a great way to spend an afternoon and evening. Many people even like placing bets online on sites all-betting-promo-codes.co.uk. Some people prefer watching alone, to perhaps avoid certain unpleasant situations which tend to happen when people are heated after their team loses or misses an opportunity. 

This can be really tiring when it happens at home, with your family. You often cannot get away from such situations and more stress is not better. Here are a couple of tips on how to avoid such situations.

Avoid Watching Sports with Aggressive Family Members

While not physically aggressive, they can be verbally aggressive, which is in some cases worse. You know your family members best and with that in mind, if you know that their mentality does not allow for a civil time during a match, you should watch the match on your own. There are plenty of ways to stream sports today, meaning that one TV in the living room is far from the only device which can provide you with sports, and more often than not, not the best choice. Streaming services specializing in sports can provide you with a better watching experience than a TV broadcast.

De-Escalate the Situation When You Can

Knowing your family members gives you an advantage in knowing what to say when things get out of hand. Prior to things getting out of hand, you can attempt to de-escalate the situation by saying what needs to be said, trying to calm the person down (often without telling them to calm down, that never works). Offer a drink, cuss at the players, get on your family member’s good side, whichever works, just try not to tell them to tone it down, directly or angrily, that will not help.

Learn to Disagree and Stay Quiet

Voicing your opinion at all times can lead to arguments, especially after a few alcoholic beverages. With that in mind, always disagreeing, you are fans of opposing teams and players, which will obviously lead to arguments if the people involved have to defend their opinions. Sometimes, staying quiet and not answering obvious provocations and comments which are supposed to make you enter an argument, is the best course of action.

Try and Turn Everything to Joy

Fighting is boring and annoying and people doing it for silly reasons can only make matters worse, especially inside a family home. With that in mind, try to crack jokes, take the brighter road and bring people together. You are a family and after all, that means love and taking care of one another. Sports can take a back seat and should, in fact, while you are having fun together.

Deep Breaths – They Solve a Lot

It is a neurological thing, so deep breaths work wonders for us. They calm us down and help slow down our heart rate, and are perfect for making our bodies relaxed and therefore, our minds, as well. The two are connected, but it takes presence in the moment and the ability to act while emotions are burning high. If that can be done, things will de-escalate on their own.

Sports and family can end up with lots of arguments and passionate comments. These are some tips on how to avoid or make such situations better.