The Most Important Architects in the Recent Past

People love seeing a great looking building, old or new, or an interior which looks amazing, in whichever style. Architecture is one of the best arts and sciences out there, which we can see in the many buildings and interiors designed and built throughout human history. Some of our environmental solutions came from architects designing buildings which can thrive, cope or help a certain ecosystem.

While something with a thousand years behind it might be interesting, from a historic and artistic standpoint, we should also look at our recent achievements, specifically those of contemporary artists. In this case, let us look at some of the world’s recent architects and their art.

Richard Meier – Geometric Art

Richar Meier, born in 1934, is a contemporary artist and architect, known for his geometric style of building design. His most famous work is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, a building which embodies his love of geometry. This building is a lover of daylight, as well as geometric shapes and it interacts with the environment in a very pleasing way.

His corporation is also focused on making sustainable architecture, focusing on materials which do not affect the planet in a negative way.

Warburg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

Renzo Piano – Modern Abstract Art

Renzo Piano is an architect and artist, born in 1937. His style is a combination of modern abstract art and a purpose, functionality. His most famous work is the tallest building in the United Kingdom, The Shard. That very building is a masterpiece of glass. His other famous works include the Whittle School in China and the Istanbul Modern Museum in Turkey. One of the founders of the collaborative company RPBW, his work is focused on collaborative projects, as can be seen by his best works.

Rem Koolhaas – Deconstructive Abstract Art

Rem Koolhaas is an architect, born in 1944 who focuses on humanity and modern, urban design. His designs, however, often stray from the expected, surprising people with their curves and shapes. Not only do his designs look great, but they also serve a functional purpose within a city, as he always focuses on what a building can do for the people, the society. His most famous work is the CBM headquarters in Beijing, China, a building resembling a glass trapezius cube with a hole in between, something you would have to see to believe.

Frank Owen Gehry – Bold and Unusual Art

Frank Owen Gehry is a renowned artist and architect, born in 1929. His work is famous for its bold appearance and colorful approach. His most famous work is the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a building in Paris which resembles multiple shellfish with checkered parts on the roof, interchanging colors of white, blue, red, green, yellow and orange. This building is best seen rather than described, as it looks unreal.

These are some of the most important and interesting contemporary architects. Note that there are many architects beside these who have also been influential in the way we perceive the world and art, in general. You should look them up for your own pleasure.