4 Most Memorable Football Games from the Past 10 Years

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Everybody loves to watch it and some even play it in their spare time. It is also a very popular sport for betting everywhere in the world – for example, people in Romania often search for Coduri Bonus de Pariere so they can have more fun betting on football. With it being such a simple sport, it is easy to get involved and enjoy it. While our amateur and recreational games might be interesting, watching professionals play is a lot more interesting. They are often faster, better and there is more at stake. The last 10 years have had some pretty interesting moments, especially regarding football. Here are the best of them.

World Cup 2014 – Brazil Vs Germany

This was a spectacle. In the semi-finals, Brazil faced off Germany on home soil. The crowd was ecstatic, they were expecting a show. What they got, was not what most of them were hoping for.

It was a show, but the kind you are watching, yet you want to change the channel, but cannot. Brazil lost that game to Germany, 1 to 7. Germany led with 5 to 0 in the first half an hour. The last two German goals were scored in the ten minutes following that. The only Brazilian goal was scored by Oscar, to save a bit of face.

La Liga 2010 – Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

Things always get heated when these two clubs are against one another. La Liga tends to have some of the most competitive matches and with passionate fans making the stakes higher, matches which end up being stomps always heat things up even more. Barcelona took this victory, 5 to 0. Fans watching were impressed, including Wayne Rooney, who applauded the match for being one of the best he had ever seen. Madrid player Sergio Ramos was given a red card in the 91st minute, after harshly tackling Messi, following Barcelona‚Äôs fifth goal. 

Champions League 2017 – Barcelona Vs Paris Saint-Germain

This was a match to behold, because Barcelona had everything to lose. They had to score 3 more goals with only a couple minutes remaining of normal game time. With a score of 6 to 1, Barcelona took this Round of 16 match. Neymar scored two goals at the 88th and 91st minute. The last required goal was scored by Sergi Roberto, at the very end of the game, in the 95th minute.

Barcelona made it through the match, but not that far in the tournament, unfortunately.

Europa League 2016 – Liverpool Vs Borussia Dortmund

Liverpool losing on their home field? They were down 3 to 1 and it was not looking great. Yet, through teamwork and sheer willpower, they came back to win that match, in an incredible fashion. They won the match 4 to 3 with Coutinho, Sakho and Lovren scoring the necessary goals to take the victory. Anfield has had some great matches and this was one of them.

Football will keep providing us with amazing matches, memorable and shocking, often at the same time. These have been the most interesting matches from the past decade with more to come.