The NBA – 10 Years Ago Compared to Now

When time passes, things tend to change, often for the better, or at least we hope. Technology gets better, providing us with different types of entertainment such as Hulu, HBO, Netflix, for those of us who like streaming services, or promotional codes similar to Paddy Power Promo Code, which sports fans love using. With all the advancement with technology, we can’t help but wonder if the same advancement can be seen in other fields. That begs the following questions: What changes in the world of sport? Do players get better? Yes? But by how much? Are they better or are we following different statistics and things have only changed on the surface? 

The NBA has some amazing teams and players and has had through the years. Who can forget Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain? Yet, there are newer players like Steph Curry and LeBron James. Has the game changed in the last 10 years? Yes and no. Following is an overview of trends and things that changed in the past 10 years.

10 Years Ago – Aging Players not the Best Deals

Games change, but players change as well. Some teams thought it wise to not change the players, accepting new talent instead of older, more reputable players. Yet, some of those players didn’t show the best performance, like Shaquille O’Neal. Some, like Vince Carter, played until 2020 and performed as best as they could. Not all stars are the best choice, especially when their ceiling was reached years prior to their signing. Today, some newer players are getting their chances, showing that promising talent is often best nurtured.

More Expensive Deals Today

The salaries have always been a thing people talked about. The NBA is one of the highest-paid sports leagues in the world. It has had quite an average salary for a while, of 2 million dollars in 2010. Today, however, that salary is bigger. It is averaging 7 million dollars. The median salary, on the other hand, is lower, around 3 million in 2010 and up to 4 million today. This is a large gap between the two, often signaling that some individuals are getting paid more than others, which is normal in sports. Stars and those with great talent are often paid more money, rewarded for either their performance or brand.

Normal Gameplay Vs Bubble Gameplay

10 years ago, players had a normal season. Compared to the 2019-2020 season, where things took quite a turn due to a global pandemic. This season challenged sports worldwide and the NBA was one of those leagues which prevailed. All matches were played in an NBA exclusive bubble system, which showed that with proper organizations, sports can continue to function under a well-monitored and executed system. 

Something like that was next to unimaginable 10 years ago, that a whole season could be lost due to a pandemic. Today, we might be getting more of those, until things are back to normal.

Talent Versus Power

A trend of tall players in the NBA is normal, because basketball players who are taller often have some advantages. Players were taller on average 20 years ago and used to play a much closer game, shooting more from the two point radius.

Today, however, players are not as tall but they have more skill with the ball. Players more often shoot from the 3 point radius, having more precision to go for such shots. Dribbling skills are probably similar, depending on the individual (like how there’s a Ronaldinho and Messi every so often in football).

All in all, the NBA hasn’t changed that much in the past decade. The salaries went up and players faced new challenges of playing in an isolated system. Let’s hope for more talented players and amazing matches in the coming years.