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In Your State

We’re a national network but we’re grassroots. After all, action and education are strongest at the local level. As such, we’re committed to embracing our local networks and providing accessible information where it matters most. Through our State Representatives program, we provide portals for all things recent past in each state, connecting you to the things that matter most to you.

Other Popular Initiatives

Endangered Places & Saved Spaces
Advocacy is a powerful tool. So is the ability to learn from a success or a loss. That’s why at RPPN we understand that advocacy doesn’t end when a building is saved or lost. It’s a continual process, learning and strengthening approaches; coming together over shared experiences; celebrating when a piece of our recent heritage is saved; and engaging the lessons learned from a loss.
MidCentury Modern Banks
The bank – perhaps the most iconic modernist structure of any town. At RPPN, we’ve got most definitive guide to modern bank architecture available. From banking history, to profiles of architects, designers and builders, to a library of historic and current photographs, this unparalleled resource serves as a national context for those commercial icons that permeate our towns. Learn More.