State Representatives.

Educating and advocating for our recent heritage at the local level.

What Are RPPN State Representatives?

RPPN State Representatives are the local voice of the Network. Put simply – grassroots recent past advocates.

Advocacy and Education at the Local Level.

State Representatives facilitate the Network’s goal of promoting preservation and understanding of our recent heritage through education, outreach, and advocacy. It’s about you and your home, the people and places you know, and making the connections between them.


We don’t ask much.  But we do ask for a bit.  We ask you to commit to at least two years of helping us out.  We ask that you be a central point of contact to State Preservation Offices, local/statewide groups, and local affiliate of likeminded groups.  We hope that you will inform RPPN – through our blog, newsletter, or email – of local or statewide advocacy issues and work with RPPN to find solutions.  We may need a letter draft, a press release draft, a couple of blog posts, or something else. We promise to help.  Plus we also hope that you can give regular updates on the blog, on Facebook, and for our annual report.  Its not much – but it will mean a world of difference for our work.

Why Should You Become A State Rep?

When you choose to become a State Representative, you get plugged into the Network. You are at the forefront of the national recent past preservation movement. Although many groups give you the opportunity to get passively involved, there are not other opportunities like this. It is active engagement.

Interested. Want to Know More?

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